Waincraft Training Program

How can I join the Waincraft Training Program?

The Waincraft Training Program is a 3-year (can be longer if people want to extend it), 3-phase curriculum designed to do a couple of things:

1. Immerse participants in their bioregion through intensive study, experientials, and contemplation
2. Assist participants in discovering and manifesting their orthopsychy, which is their unique ideal role in the great pattern of existence, typified by a metaphorical “picture” or identity. Frex, mine is the Twilight Spinner, someone who spins tales and songs and paths in the changing time.
3. Educate and enable participants in assisting others with the above two points, as well as providing “clergy” services such as counseling, divination, and support; potentially some magical services as well.

Phase 1 is a minimum yearlong intensive focusing on bioregional orientation, introspection, writings on the Waincraft model including theology and cosmology, establishment of regular practice in meditation, cleansing and warding, and forming relationships with several of the Cosmological Beings categories.

Phase 2 is a time-indefinite journey through shadow work, healing, death/ancestor/Underworld work, intensive work with one of the Tribes and learning their mysteries and practices, and practicing wholeness and integrity.

Phase 3 is roughly equivalent to clergy training in other traditions, including unique-to-Waincraft practices that I’ve developed such as the Council of All Beings oracle, manifestation of their orthopsychy, initiation and counseling training, as well as creation and practice of more advanced magical and ritual and the imparting of certain mysteries.

At this time, the program consists solely of Phase 1 participants working in solitude with myself as the mentor. Should there be an influx of students before we have some complete all three phases, I may set up a forum or similar setting to keep things all together.

Some more, though currently limited, information can be found on the Hall of Ravens website: Waincraft Training Program