Charms and Invocations from Sea Sky Soil

In the course of writing Sea Sky Soil: An Introduction to Waincraft, I was inspired to create a set of invocations, charms, prayers, chants and spells for each of the Powers listed in the text. For those who don’t have a copy, or would prefer an online and printable format, I am reproducing them here.

The Lady of Night

Invocation of Night

Hail to the flowing one, dark-haired
Mother of all, queen of the stars
Your glittering shawl descends,
a blanket of sleep and dreams
to embrace and hold us.
Hail to the creator of the world!
Manifold and mighty are you
within each thing that is.
We are You and You are us.
Hail the Mistress of Time!

A Prayer to Night
when seeking self-awareness
You are in everything,
you see everything that is.
Lead me to the darkness
and open my eyes.
Teach me to love the silences
and the stillness
that I may hear and know
the power of the night.

The Shaman-Father

Invocation of Wilderness
Hail to the Wild One, deer-lord
Horned god of the desolate places,
Father of Existence.
You call us into the wilderness
Into yourself, to dance the primal steps,
To become animal as we once were.
Hear us and lead us into ourselves.
Hail the Ancient One!

Prayer of the Deer
for embracing your wildness
I breathe and become the white-tailed deer,
Following the king, the White Stag
Joy! Wonder! Freedom!
I dance the steps of the red roe buck
Running fleet through the forest
Grace! Strength! Nobility!
I hear the call of the wilderness
Deep within my bones
Breathe! Dance! Be!
I am a child of the wilderness.

The Lord of Plenty

Invocation of Time
Hail to the Wide-Knowing One!
Lord of Light and Master of Life
King of Bears, old Grandfather Wisdom
Keeper of the ways of the ancestors,
The dream-songs and the world-tales.
Teach us what we have forgotten
Bring us to our heritage
Hail the Bountiful Giver!

Bear Charm
when learning something new
Bear paw, Bear claw
I’m grasping at the new.
Bear claw, Bear maw,
Let me taste it true.
Bear maw, Bear law,
I will learn from you
Bear law, Bear paw
‘Til master it I do


Invocation of Winter
Hail to the Snow Queen!
White Goddess, Black Mother,
Mistress of storm and fear
You show us our deepest secrets,
Wrench from us admission of our fears,
Lead us down into the underworld
On the path of the shadow of death
Until we face our true selves
Hail the Terrible One!

Witch Queen’s Song
for amplifying magical workings
One, I set my face to the east
And draw storms through the sky
Two, I set my face to the west,
And ride the moon so high
Three, I set my face to the south,
Sending forth my power
Four, I set my face to the north
And watch my will in flower
Three in one and one of three
Two and four both sacred be
Five the strength and power make
Now my will shall hold and take


Invocation of Sacrifice
Hail Raven-Queen, golden warrior
Shrieker and seeker, bringer of fury,
Twister and turner, watcher of the cycle
Teach us to give as we take,
To turn not away from the slaughter,
But find the joy in battle
And in peace, as all things
Are given and given again
In the web of sacrifice
Hail the Furious One!

when giving an offering
Thrice burned, thrice learned,
Queen of the black fliers,
Accept this my offering,
And deliver it unto the Gods*.
Given as you were given,
Taken as you took back yourself,
Like for like, gift for gift:
May the cycle flow.

* Or spirits, ancestors, etc.


Invocation of Rain
Hail to the Lady of the plains,
Mother of rain and of horses,
Lady of the rowan branch,
Golden haired and ruby-lipped,
Planter and Weaver, rainbow-shiner,
Teach us to see beyond the surface
And read the ripples underneath.
We are one family, one people,
Teach us to remember our kinship.
Hail the Far-Seeing One!

Seer Charm
for parting the veils of sight
In the high place
I take my seat
Above the worlds I know,
And call the spirits of sight and wisdom
To attend me in my work.
I look beyond that which I see
To know the pattern underneath
Open my eyes, oh spirits of sight
As I shake and seethe
I am in the highest
Of all that I do know
And lo, I see through the dark mirror
Things that I knew not.
From the high place
I see those things,
And bring them with me
Into the world I once knew.

The Lord of the Mountain

Invocation of Sky
Hail the high Father,
Lord of heaven, king of eagles
Wise ruler, bringer of justice
Your great hammer rolls the thunder
And we tremble.
Your smile spreads out the blue expanse
And we rejoice
You weep the falling rain,
And we mourn with you.
You shield us from all that seeks to harm us
And we praise your name
Hail the Mighty One!

Hammer Chant
for raising or harnessing a storm/energy
Pound pound pound!
Raise the hammer to the Sky!
Ground ground ground!
Bring the power, let it fly!
Pound ground, ground pound!
Circle the air and round the eye!
Pound pound ground ground!
Thunder crash and lightning fry!
Ground ground, pound pound!
Now to let the power lie.

The Holy Earth

Invocation of the Land
Hail to you, mother of life,
Beautiful maiden and wise lady,
Bountiful in your wonder,
As the birch tree in spring.
You give forth with one hand
And take away with the next,
Birthing and weaving the web of life,
Far is your reach, wide your arm
You cover all the earth where we may go,
And more beyond our ken.
Lady of the marshes
And the river valleys,
Mother of cows and grain:
We honor the mountains, your bones,
We honor the rivers, your veins,
We honor the sea, your tears
We honor the sky, your dreaming
We honor the grass, your hair
We honor the trees, your arms and legs.
We honor the animals, your children and our kin.
We honor you and all you are.
Teach us the ancient ways
That we may know and love you better.
Hail the Vast-Bosomed One!

A Prayer to Earth
when planting and harvesting
Holy Mother, green and growing
Be fruitful and fecund,
Grant to us life and health and happiness,
And fertile lands and people.
Bless us with grain and game,
Fruit and fountains clear
Accept our offerings
And return them in kind.
Look on us with favor and not wrath,
Though we take from you our sustenance.
Blessed be you and all your kin
That dwell in this world and all others.
And mindful we shall be,
From the days of our ancestors
To those of our children’s children
That we keep the balance,
Lest your scythe spin,
And your wrath devour us.

The King of the Waters

Invocation of Water
Hail to the Well-Keeper,
King of all that flows,
Ruler of the underworld
God of riches and wisdom
You are a friend to sailors and a harbor
Safe in troubling times.
You shelter us in your silvered hand
And grant a feast of abundance from your realm
Teach us the power of the liminal,
That which is neither one nor other
But both
Hail to the Sheltering One!

A Prayer to Sea
for working with emotions
Lord of waters, hear my cry,
Teach me of your ways
That I may know my own waters:
How they flow, where they fall,
What manner of path they take.
Where there is stone, may there be well,
Where there is grass, may there be stream,
Where there are clouds, may there be rain,
Where there is shore, may there be ocean.
May my waters flow in their proper paths,
Fearing neither drought nor flood.

The Lady of the Sea

Invocation of Ocean
Hail to the giver of courage!
White-skinned, wave-haired,
Friend of the helpless, foe of the foolish
You who steals the hearts
Of sailors and water-wise folk,
Protect and guide us
As we travel the tossing surf
Of life’s long journey.
Grant us safe passage in the deep places,
And teach us to face the unknown with fortitude
Hail to the Opener of the Ways!

A Traveling Charm
For safe journeying
I take up the mantle of courage,
And set my face to the horizon
Lady of Hosts, guide my steps
Through strange places and distant lands
‘Til I come home safe again.
Lady of Courage, watch over me.
Set your dogs about me,
And fail not in your favor.
Lady of the Ways, steer me true
Though the waves about me toss.
I take up the mantle of courage,
And set my face to the horizon.

The Calmer

Invocation of Peace
Hail to the bringer of peace!
You are a great fortress, a high wall,
A secret garden of endless delights.
You who send forth visions and signs,
Golden-haired, granter of rest,
In the twilight, you come to us
And whisper into our ears
All the night long.
Give us peace and sanctuary
Against the troubles that encircle us.
Hail to the Dreaming One!

A Garden Song
to ease stress, insomnia or anxiety
Enter into the garden, little one,
Where dreams and delights do wait.
Do not fear the night terrors,
All is safe in here.
Walk among my flowers, little one,
And breathe their lovely scent.
Do not worry, oh lovely sweet,
All is safe in here
Rest along the stream, little one,
And watch the fishes play.
Feel the water flowing free,
All is safe in here.
Here in this place, little one,
Think not of the world outside,
But rest and dream, and always know
That you are safe in here.

The Lord of the Green

Invocation of Life
Hail to the fair and lovely god!
Green and black are you,
Lord of life and giver of yourself to death.
You are the heady scent of wine,
the ripeness of the apple,
the sharpness of pine needle
and all the warm grains.
Keeper of the growing are you,
God of seed and forest,
Ruler of the fair folk, the ever-dying one
who lives again.
Teach us to feel the flow of nature,
its give and take, creation and destruction
and to honor all that grows.
Hail to the Golden One!

Growing Chant
to aid in personal growth and maturity
Green grows the reeds,
tall the trees and vines.
I wish to grow like the ivy
as up the rock it climbs
Rooted in darkness,
fed by the sunlight,
I will grow and grow,
gaining wisdom and might.

Red Lady

Invocation of Passion
Hail to the red goddess,
giver of fire and fury,
Like a flame is your hair,
strong your arms in battle,
Beloved are you among all worlds,
your beauty surpassing all others.
Queen of the twilight, joy of the moonlit waters,
your fierceness is like a falcon,
your mystery like of a she-cat.
We praise you, O generous of gifts!
Look down on us, star of the evening,
and grant us love undying.
Hail to the Ecstatic One!

A Prayer to Flame
for rekindling a dying passion
Flame, flame, burning bright,
fill me again with fire.
Let me light forth again
with that which I once loved.
Create in me a passion that shall never go out,
as your eternal flame.
Blood of heaven,
set fire to my veins
until I cannot but love
and do what must be done for that love.


Invocation of Hope
Hail to the bright maiden,
bringer of guidance and light in the darkest night!
You who turns the midnight star from dark to day again,
daughter of the sun, keeper of wholeness,
you are lovely, giver of joy!
Teach us to look up
when things seem their darkest,
and remember mercy and healing,
gifts given when least looked for.
Hail to the Restoring One!

Healing Prayer
To heal illness or disease
Look to the sky and watch,
the north star is ever steady.
Lady of Wells, grant me your power
to drive away all illness and fear,
demons of mind and body that plague me.
Feed me of your herbs and water,
until I am returned to wholeness,
and grant me the strength to recover
swiftly, safely, completely.


Invocation of Spring
Hail to the ever-young maiden!
Glorious are you, queen of the eastern wall,
every day you throw open the gates of heaven
and usher in the shining sun.
Lovely are you among all beings, radiant
and beautifully adorned.
Watchful and joyous are you,
and faithful in your giving of blessing.
Star of the East, grant to us peace,
and hope and love and wholeness,
but most of all, renewal and abundance.
Hail to the Abundant One!

A Prayer of Renewal
for bringing new energy and vigor
Shining Lady, grant me a new self,
strong and vibrant as the meadows in spring,
steady as the heartbeat of the waking mountain,
and with the power and rushing joy
of a snow-melting brook
Renew in me the youth of spring,
new life in this aging frame,
so I may leap like the roe in the passes
or the salmon in the stream.
Pour your radiance on me, Star of Heavenly Joy,
that I might live again.

The Shiner

Invocation of Light
Hail to the Son of the Morning!
Bright day star, lord of clear sight,
with song do the birds greet your coming,
and with joy do the creatures awake at your touch.
Glory of your radiant mother,
love of your splendid sisters are you.
You give us strength, and a good song.
Lord of the white wolf, defend us from sorrow,
and turn our mourning to laughter,
bright and healing one.
Leave us not in darkness for ever,
but grant us your light, blessed one.
Hail to the Shining One!

Prayer of the Oracle
for illumination and clarity on a problem
I call to the bright-seeing one,
banisher of cloud and darkness,
uncover my eyes that I might see
visions of truth and all honesty.
Keep confusion far away,
and grant to me clarity
of heart and mind and purpose.
Spear of Light, pierce my darkest places,
and show unto me the answer I need.

The Warming Sun

Invocation of the Sun
Hail to the shining one of heaven,
bright radiance of the sky,
lady of light and life, splendidly adorned
with a mantle of blinding white and gold.
You who are unconquered by darkness,
unscathed in the night,
giver of warmth and healing,
grant unto us your blessing.
Melt the ice in our hearts and minds,
and banish the darkness that gnaws on us
while we go about our days.
Hail to the Glorious One!

Sun Song
for relieving depression and apathy
I greet the sun as it rises in the east.
Pour down on me, fire of heaven.
Drive away the darkness in me
that should not last beyond the night.
Fill my sluggish, tired self with new warmth,
as you rise anew every morn.
I am the Sun, shining again on this day.
I am not defeated by darkness, but defeat it.
So shall it ever be, until the end of time.

The Wandering Moon

Invocation of the Moon
Hail to the far-journeying one,
walker in the night, ruler of tides.
You who rides alone through the dark heaven,
look down on us, Silver Wheel,
and grant us wonder and compassion.
Hail to the Wandering One!

Silver Charm
for seeing behind things
Silver shine and silver gleam,
what I see is more than it seems.
Silver light in a silver night,
Let me see what it is aright.

Moon Prayer
to renew wonder and magic
Moon, moon, shining in the night,
grant to me the gift of new sight
that I may see the magic in the air.

Moon moon, changing one,
keep me ever in mind of the innocence
and wonder that I once knew.

Moon, moon, measurer of days,
I seek again the eyes of a child.
Descend on me, Night-Walker,
and let me see again.

The Maker

Invocation of Fire
Hail to the Lord of Creation,
Master of craft, great smith,
you who made the sun and formed the moon,
shaped the heaven and earth,
skillful are you in all arts and brave in battle.
You gave our ancestors light in darkness,
and the means to make a life, blessed are you.
Teach us to make as you have made,
with joy in the crafting and courage in the imagining.
Hail the Clever One!

Prayer of the Forge
for crafting something with intent
Lord of metals, ruler of the forge-fire,
grant my hands skill,
to my heart give courage,
and my mind inspiration,
so that what I make will truly be
of service and dedication
to my will and use.

The Archer

Invocation of the Defender
Hail to the bright-helmed Lord,
Defender of the helpless and oppressed.
Your horns in battle are mighty,
and your arrows a rain of death to your foes.
Friend of hunters are you, who misses not,
and there is no hero who does not have your favor.
Luminous One, watch over us in your journeying,
and teach us to defend all that is dear to us.
Hail the Keen-eyed One!

Shield Charm
to defend yourself or others
I call upon the Great One, valiant and merciful,
Ward me about with your shield –
Before me,
Behind me,
To my right, to my left,
above and below,
in all directions that danger
might show itself.
And with your own bow
defend me from evil.

The Noble Hunter

Invocation of the Hunter
Hail to the bringer of destiny!
Glittering and glory-giving,
masterful and fearless are you.
Silent in your pursuit of your desire,
inescapable in your persevering.
You are as still and deadly as the snow,
and as foreboding as the dark woods.
Teach us to follow the tracks
and seek without fail or hesitation
that which we desire most.
Hail to the Relentless One!

Tracking Chant
when pursuing a desired outcome
I seek my prey, I see the tracks
I follow tirelessly its path
There, I see it, my prize
My arm draws back and…

The Maiden of the Woods

Invocation of the Forest
Hail to the maiden of the far places!
Lover of woods and gloriously haired are you,
Beautiful and fearsome, friend of animals
From your wooded heights do you come
and grant us luck and blessing,
so long as we honor you and your creatures.
Teach us of grace and nobility,
that we may run like the deer
and sing the songs of the wild ones.
Hail to the Fleet-Footed One!

A Prayer to the Wood-May
to reconnect with your environment
Hear me, Lady of the Woods, wild maid,
I ask that you teach me the tongues of the wild.
Give me ears to hear and eyes to see
all that surrounds me in this place.
Protector of the forests and heights,
grant me your favor that I may learn
all that this place would teach me
if I but knew how to listen.

The Lady of Shadows

Invocation of Shadow
Hail to the fierce queen of warriors!
Lady of the wolves, ruler of the unseen,
in your high mountains are you hidden.
You who brings forth kings and great champions,
teach us the ways of mystery
that we may know those things beyond words.
Hail the Mysterious One!

A Song of Shadows
to prepare for an initiation
I sing of shadows, the dark places,
where wait the monsters that I have hidden
and I must now descend and face them.
They are me, and I am them,
and to become whole, I must embrace them,
become a shadow myself.

The Lord of the Winds

Invocation of Wind
Hail to the fierce shouter,
bringer of storm and change.
Breaker of worlds and destroyer of comfort,
you blow down our walls and towers
that we built in our pride and hubris.
Speaker of the Uncomfortable Truths are you,
Master of all arts and magic.
Teach us to be not overly dependent,
but adaptable and flexible,
lest we stagnate in our ways.
Send forth your spears into our lives
like lightning that strikes the oak,
so that we may build something new
from the ashes, like the Phoenix.
Hail to the Long-Armed One!

Spear Charm
to break out of a routine
The spear flashes in the light,
blinding me to the old
The spear flashes through the night,
shattering the mold
The spear sings through the air,
showing me the new way
The spear sings, I unaware
have been broken like clay.

The Fairy Queen

Invocation of Death
Hail to the dark maiden, lady of sorrow,
gatherer of all that live and breathe.
You who, with your helper Time, take us away,
we honor you, queen of the beyond.
Teach us to love you as you love us,
though you take from us all we know,
and to not fear your coming at our end,
but embrace you as a lover.
Hail to the Silent One.

Shroud Song
for aiding passage between worlds
She is coming, Lady Love,
to gather you to her side.
As the black mantle descends on you,
greet her with joy and with pride.
She waits for you, just beyond the night,
to take her hand and dance again
So as you now fade fast away,
remember love, and never pain.