The Waincraft Pagan Blog Project

By Nicanthiel

The Pagan Blog Project is an endeavor by pagan and alternative spirituality bloggers to write about their spiritual paths/traditions/quirks. I thought it might be nice to have a shortened form (26 posts, instead of the usual 52) to discuss some key points of Waincraft’s worldview, praxis and theory.

The list of posts below will be linked as each gets written and published:

Archetypes and Aliases
A discussion about pantheons and why Waincraft’s gods are not named.

Becoming Animal
Cribbed from David Abrams’ book of the same name, a discussion about re-aligning oneself with the natural world, reclaiming our status as Animal

Cultural Framing: How does it work?
A continuation of A&A, this time going into applying different historical cultures to the Waincraft framework, and ideas for USAians on how to make their own cultural framing

Dwarves: The Lords of Making
One part of the Five Cosmological Beings, talk about who and what they are and what benefit working with them might have for the Waincraft practitioner

Elves: The Guardians of Nature
Another part of the Five Cosmological Beings, the corresponding half of the Fair Folk to the Dwarves

Friends, Allies, or Servants?: On human-Other relationships
A discussion on human-nonhuman relationships, covering topics from spirit-owned to ceremonial magicians and their binding spells. Will also talk about familial relationships and influences (e.g., fae-blooded)

Giants (Where are they in Waincraft?)
Giants are not on the list of Cosmological Beings. A discussion of why.

Homegrown Practice
Bringing the concepts of Waincraft into daily/mundane life. May get into discussions of values/morals/ethics

I’ll share some of the invocations that I created for the intro book, and talk about what invocations are good for and why

Journeying Out to the Center
A discussion of various transdimensional practices (journeying, útsenna, seið and other oracular work, bilocation, etc.) and the importance of returning to center

Keeping the Kalends
A discussion of Waincraft holidays, holiday ideas, and whether the Year-Wheel is appropriate

Learning from Spirits
A discussion on non-lore/non-tradition-based learning and practices

Mysteries and Mystery Schools
The importance of mysteries, and a discussion on a possible branching of Waincraft that deals in them.

Niche Religion
What do you do when your religion/spirituality is small enough to count your co-religionists on one hand? Also, the emphasis in Waincraft on individual practice and framing

Orthopsychy, an Overview
An expanded look at the concept I introduced in “Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy, Orthopsychy”

Peer-Corroborated Personal Gnosis
On why the term UPG is misleading, overreliance on the Lore is stifling, and what a happy medium might entail.

Questions Week
A week in which I take questions from the audience and answer them 😀

Ravens and What Makes Them
A discussion on Raven-people, including aesthetics, personality, and essence

Sex is Life
Not sexyfuntiems, but the idea that Sex (attraction, communion and interdependence) is the basis of all existence. Modeled after a Feri concept.

Tribalism and the Tribes
A discussion on community, social norms, and how the Tribes form the basis for any practical Waincraft practice, spirituality and organization.

Universe Story
Reconciling myth and religion with science, and how Waincraft strives to blend the two

The “V” word (Vanir/Vanaheim) and why Waincraft doesn’t use it anymore.
On distancing Waincraft from Vanatru, and from Heathenry in general

A discussion on fate, free will, and fatalism

Xenophobia, Metathesiophobia and Policing in the Community
Fear of Difference, Fear of Change and why the pagan community, particularly among recons, is often toxic and sometimes dangerous.

Yggdrasil: Waincraft Cosmology
Cosmology, Cosmogenesis and Orientating oneself in the universe

Zebra Is A Tribe Too!
A discussion about the Tribes and how, though a specific animal is listed as the Tribe epitome, each can also be expanded to cover other animals of the same type (e.g., Eagle includes all falconiformes, Raven all corvidae, etc.). Also, how in the conception of the Tribes as Ancestral Tribes, all species past and present may be considered their own Tribe with shared kinship to humans.