A Story and A Vision

At the First Time, before time and space existed, there was the Void. And nothing lay in the void, or lived or loved or laughed, for nothing had yet been brought forth.

And the Mother moved through the Void, searching for love, for connection. And she saw herself reflected and inverted in the Void, and fell in love with her unself, and made love to herself and herself, and at the moment of climax, a universe was brought forth into explosive being, created of the union of Self and Unself. And the Mother became the Universe, and the Universe was the Mother.

Soon after, the Mother gave birth to twins – one light, one dark, Chaos and Order, Wild and Tame, Hunter and Gatherer. And she lay with the dark twin, and bore children of earth, and later, children of fire. And she lay with the light twin and bore children of air, and of water. And the children of earth created and the children of fire destroyed what was created to create anew; the children of air sought the knowing of the heights, and the children of the water sought the wisdom of the depths. And thus was the universe made and remade.

From the Mother are all things, through the twins light and dark and their children. And all things return to the Mother at the end. For we are all stardust.


Waincraft is inspired by the mythic and spiritual essences of a Eurasian proto-faith whose essential elements of belief and practice have trickled down over time in varying cultures and mythologies. This modern Craft keeps the spirit of the old but makes no claim to be a direct descendant of any ancient faith.

The mythology of Waincraft is drawn from many of the same sources as many other European-based paganisms, and the model itself can be adapted to a number of existing cultural paradigms – for instance, Irish Waincraft, Norse Waincraft, or Baltic Waincraft.

Orthopsychy, or right living, combined with right relationship with the gods, the ancestral animal tribes, and the spirits of the land form the central tenant of Waincraft. Value is placed on personal experience, inspired art and mythopoeia, and a love of knowledge and respect for the past in an effort to combine the best qualities of both spirit-taught and reconstructionist practices.

The Powers of the Land are needed now more than ever. Waincraft strives to bring a unique perspective to today’s problems, how we got here, and where we’re going. We hope that you can find something here to resonate with and enliven your own practice, wherever your soul may lead you.