Theology and Cosmology

The cosmology of Waincraft is based on traditional cross-cultural models involving the Six Directions or Seven Points – the four cardinals of the compass rose (east, south, west, north) and the three-fold vertical axis (above, below, center). Each of these points/directions is affiliated and associated with one of the Cosmological Beings: The Powers, the Tribes, the Fair Folk, the Spirits/Wights, the Relations, the Dead, and living humans. Each point is also associated with a piece of the actual cosmology – Above is the Upperworld, the world of Spirit and home to the Powers; Below is the Underworld, the world of Soul and home to the dead; and Center is the Middleworld, the world of Life with its four-fold directional orientation.

In Waincraft, there are six types of non-human beings that are honored, ranging from greater in power and scope to lesser in power and scope. These are the Powers, the Tribes, the Fair Folk, The Relations, the Nature Spirits, and the Dead. Each have their place, and each contribute in their own way to the underlying structure of the world.

The image below is an interactive map to the various explanatory sections of the Waincraft cosmology, as listed above.

Fair Folk The Worlds The Spirits The Relations The Tribes The Powers The Dead