Waincraft Ritual Model

What is the Waincraft ritual model?”

Good question!

Right now, there is no specific ritual model, and, honestly, I don’t know that there ever will be. With such a core as orthopsychy, which assumes up front that everyone will have their own needs and directions, how could there be a singular ritual model that meets everybody’s needs equally?

However, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be Waincraft rituals! For instance, I created a cleansing ritual for the training program, as an example, a suggestion for others to use as a baseline or adopt in full depending on how they responded to it. One of the students came up with a new tarot spread involving Waincraft/Soulcraft* themes that will hopefully be shared on the main website by the end of the year.

I’d like to return a question or two to my readers – what sorts of rituals would you like to see? What parts of ritual theory do you find Waincraft fills, which are missing?

*As in Bill Plotkin and Animas Institute’s Soulcraft model, which Waincraft draws a lot of inspiration from.


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