Saulė – (Baltic) The Baltic goddess of the Sun, she is a protector of orphans and giver of happiness and health. She is married to Menes, the moon, and the planets and stars are her children. Her two most famous daughters are  Žemyna, the earth and Aušrinė, the morning star. See Sunna

Sigyn, Sigel, Sigewin – (Norse) A goddess of unknown origin, she becomes the wife of Loki, and bears him two sons. Some modern worshippers say she was adopted by Njord, and she may be of elven blood. Her name means “Victory”, leading to a possible connection with the Valkyries.

Sunna, Sunne, Sól – (Germanic) The goddess of the Sun, she is the sister of Mani, the moon. One ancient German charm gives her a sister named Sinthgunt, who may be the planet Mars, or the evening star. See Saulė