Gróa – (Norse) The wife of the hero-god Aurvandil, she is a witch and seeress who helps Thor in several of his adventures. May be Sif in an earlier form.

Macha – (Irish) Usually considered one of the Morrigan, she is associated with horses, war, sovereignty, and prophecy. She is often compared with Rhiannon See Rhiannon, Sif, Rauni

Ragana – (Latvian) A witch, prophetess and patron of magic. See Sif, Frau Holle

Rauni – (Finnish) One of the wives of Ukko, she is a goddess of the harvest, as well as air, clouds and rain. Likely the same figure as the Sámi Raudna, she is associated with the rowan tree, traditionally seen as a protective and magical tree. See Sif

Sif, Sibb – (Germanic) Goddess of the harvest, prophecy, grain and kinship, she is the wife of Thor and mother of Ullr; she may have also been the wife of Egil/Aurvandil. See Rauni, Gróa