The Dawn-Shiner
Aurvandil, Earendel, Orentil, Horvandillus – (Germanic) A legendary figure and hero who is associated with a star, most likely the morning star (and thus may be the same figure as the Baltic Auseklis) or Orion (particularly the star Rigel, which forms one of the constellation’s toes); he is married to the witch and völva Gróa. If the correlation with Orion is correct, he may be the same figure as Egil, the archer brother of Wayland, and may also be the father of Ullr through Sif; See Ullr, Wayland

Dagr, Dæg – (Norse) The personified Day and son of Delling and Nótt, he precedes the chariot of Sunna, bringing the dawn to the worlds. See Aušrinė, Aurvandil

Dažbog – (Slavic) A Slavic god of uncertain function, it is likely that he was associated with the sun, or with light, as he is the son of Svarog. His name means “the giving god,” and so may be similar to the figure of the Dagda. See Eochaid, Delling.

Delling – (Norse) Called the “shining one,” he is the father of Day with Night; thus, he may be the personified Dawn. References to him mention “Delling’s doors,” which is likely an allusion to the sunrise on the horizon. See Aušrinė, Dažbog