Artio – (Gaulish) The goddess of forests; her name is the Gaulish word for “bear”. See Mieklikki, Medeina

Berchta, Perchta – (German) A figure from southern German and Alpine mythology, usually considered to be a kinder face to the northern Frau Hölle, as they share many characteristics. Also has ties to the White or Pale Lady of Rügen, most likely Hertha. See Frau Hölle

Flidais – (Irish) A goddess of the woods, she is associated with deer and shapeshifting. She became the wife of Fergus in the Ulster Cycle, where she is the owner of a herd of magical cattle that keep the entire Connacht army supplied with milk every seven days. Her daughter (by an unnamed man) is the sea goddess Fand. See Mielikki

Medeina – (Lithuanian) The goddess of forests, wild animals, trees; she is not friendly to hunters, but may be appeased with offerings. See Flidais, Mielikki

Mielikki – (Finnish) The goddess of the forest, hunting and wild animals, she is the wife or daughter-in-law of the Forest Lord Tapio. She is also said to be a powerful healer. See Flidais, Medeina