Goibhniu, Govannon, Gobannos – (Celtic) The Celtic smith-god, he is associated with the ale of immortality (possibly a psychotropic infusion) and feasts. The sparks from his forge are said to be the stars. He is the brother of the star-goddess Aranrhod, and uncle to her ill-fated son Dylan, whom he kills by accident (Irish lore has it being the result of an attack by the boy, named Ruadan there) See Wayland, Ilmarinen

Ilmarinen – (Finnish) He is a magical smith, attributed the creation of the sky-dome, and the stars that inhabit it are said to be sparks from his forge. He is also credited the creation of the Sampo, a magical mill that endlessly produces gold, salt and grain; this is likely the same or a similar mill to the one owned by Frodi in Grottasögnr. See Wayland, Goibhniu

Svarog, Svarožič – (Slavic) A god of fire and smithing, he is credited with creating the world. Svarožič is the diminutive form of the name. See Ilmarinen, Wayland, Goibhniu

Wayland, Wéland, Völund – (Germanic) A semi-divine smith, he is the brother of Egil. He is most famous for the story of his imprisonment by King Nidud, and his affair with the king’s daughter. A burial mound in Oxfordshire, England, is called Wayland’s Smithy. He has a close connection with elves, with some sources even saying that he is an elf himself. See Goibhniu, Ilmarinen, Svarog