Aranrhod – (Welsh) Usually spelled Arianrhodin modern times, she is a mother goddess featured in the Welsh Mabinogion as the mother and adversary of Llew (and thus has possible correlations with Eithne, the mother of the Irish Lugh); she is also sister to the master magicians Gwydion and Math Mathonwy, as well as the smith Govannon. Her name in the usual form translates to “Silver Wheel,” usually considered a kenning for the Moon, but in its original form translates to “Great Round,” most likely a reference to the circling of the constellations around the pole; See Star Goddess, Eithne, Brighid

Boann, Modron – (Irish; British, Continental?) The eponymous goddess of the Boyne river and mother of Angus with the Dagda (her husband is Nuada, sometimes called Elcmar or Nechtan). A tale relates how she approached the Well of Segais, or Wisdom, and was overwhelmed by the flow; she lost an eye, an arm and a leg, a sign which may signify that she became a seer or sorceress. As Modron, she is the mother of the “Lost Child” Mabon/Maponos. In Ireland, she is sometimes associated with the Milky Way. See Angus Og, Nechtan, Eochaid

Eithniu, Eithne – (Irish) Mother of the god Lugh in Irish lore, she is also the lover of Elatha, by whom she bore Eochaid and Oghma. Her father is Balor of the Evil Eye, and she is a descendant of Neit, making her Elatha’s cousin. See Aranrhod

Hertha, Nerthus, Hreðe, Jörð, Fjorgyn – (Germanic) The Germanic Earth Mother, she is solely attested by the name Nerthus/Hertha in Tacitus’ Germania, where he recounts a ritual procession by the goddess. She is likely the same as the Norse Jörð/Fyorgyn (both words meaning “earth”), and as such would be the mother of both Thor and Frigg.

Matronæ, Māte – (Germano-Celtic; Slavic) The Mothers are a group of goddesses worshipped throughout Europe, often in groups of three or more, and associated with children, abundance, blessing and fate. Slavic mythology has a Mother, or Māte, for every natural phenomenon from the trees to the rivers and more. The Norse Dísir are a type of these Mothers.

Nantosuelta – (Gaulish) A goddess of fertility, fire, nature and death. She is married to Sucellos. She is also associated with water and rivers, honey and valleys. See Freya, Boann

Tailtiu – (Irish) The foster-mother of Lugh, and Queen of the Fir Bolg. She died of exhaustion after clearing the plains of Ireland for agriculture. In her honor, Lugh instituted the feast of Lughnasadh with funeral games and contests. See Hertha, Žemyna

Žemyna, Zemes-mãte  – (Baltic) The goddess of the earth in Baltic mythology. See Hertha, Tailtiu