Áine – (Irish) A goddess of summer, love, wealth and sovereignty, she is often termed “Queen of the Fairies”, and may be the basis for Spencer’s The Faerie Queene. In some tales, she is said to be the wife or daughter of the Sea, in the figure of Manannán mac Lir. See Freya, Fand, Clíodhna

Clíodhna, Cleena – (Irish) Queen of the Banshees, she is an Otherworld goddess associated with love, beauty, the Sídheand apples. She is may be the same figure as the Welsh Rhiannon. See Rhiannon, Fand, Áine

Fand – (Irish) She is the daughter of Flidais and the wife of Manannán mac Lir. As his wife, she is the queen of the sea, and is later associated with the sídhe, as is her husband. She became the lover of CúChulainn, but was driven away by his wife Emer. See Jūratė, Freya, Áine

Rhiannon – (Welsh) A fairy maiden and goddess of sovereignty and horses, she marries the underworld hero Pwyll, and later Manawydan. See Macha, Clíodhna, Áine