Badb – (Irish) One of the Morrígan figures in the Irish tales (the others are traditionally Macha and Anu, or Macha and Nemain), she is associated with battle fury, ravens and prophecy, particularly prophecies of coming death, and the bean sidhe or banshee. Also known as Badb Catha: “Battle Crow”; See Catubodua, Badhuenna, Gullveig

Badhuenna – (Frisian) An otherwise unattested Frisian goddess found in Tacitus’ Annals. She is most likely a war goddess (possibly a tutelary or tribal war goddess), and may be connected to the Celtic *bodw- from which the Badb, Bodb Dearg and Catubodua have their names.

Catubodua, Cathubodva – (Gaulish) A goddess of battle and fury, she is likely the same figure as the Irish Badb.

Gullveig, Gieldwíg – (Norse) A goddess about whom little is known, other than her connections to seidr and gold. She was sacrificed in a fire and run through with spears three times, and resurrected herself all three times. Likely associated with battle magic and the Valkyries. Also known as Heid (“Glory”). See Badb

Nemain – (Irish) A goddess of fury, battle and chaos, she is the wife of Neit, and may be the same goddess as Badb. See Gullveig, Badb

Złota Baba – (Polish) Her name means “Golden Woman”; she was a goddess of oracles. See Gullveig