Getting to Know the Powers Series

Over the next month or so, this blog will feature a special feature on each of the 24 Powers featured in the book. Once again, as I have stated elsewhere, these are not the only Powers that can exist in Waincraft, nor must all 24 be present to have a valid Waincraft practice; these are just the 24 typically most common natural and cultural phenomena in the large majority of human-livable biomes, particularly Europe and much of North America.

The format of this series is borrowed and adapted from the 30 Days of Devotion meme; irrelevant or non-applicable questions will be skipped.

Working with Waincraft outside of a Euro-American paradigm

“So if you’ve already got a (rough) cosmology and a theology, how would one go about approaching Waincraft if they were say… working primarily with a diverse set of Abrahamic demons and Lucifer and sometimes some angels who put up with your wise-assing?


A very good question!

There are a couple of different ways someone could go about it.

The first would be to adopt Waincraft side-by-side with the previous paradigm, similar in manner to Christopagans, Japanese Shinto-Buddhists, etc. This way, one could work with and honor each side in its own context or combine them for a fully rounded spirituality

Another would be syncretism. The theology of Waincraft is fairly syncretic to begin with, and with thoughtful and creative tampering could likely work for non-Eurasian/European paradigms. For example, with regards to the Powers, almost all of them are tied to a specific common natural phenomenon (the earth, the sun, the moon, the ocean, fire, etc.). Many demons and angels are also tied to these phenomena in various lore, so theoretically, these demons and/or angels could be worked with in those particular roles. Also, SPG indicates that most, if not all, Abrahamic spirits share common ancestry with the spirits of the Tribes and the Fair Folk via the First God (Night/Star Mother), so again, there is little conflict there.

A third option would be to, as I mentioned, not use the framework cosmology and simply focus on reintegration/reconnection and orthopsychy. This is the very fringe of Waincraft with little commonalities to other versions, but I am OfficiallyTM OKing that as valid “Waincrafting” if people want to do things that way